Viz for Social Good – Unicef

At the end of last year, Chloe Tseng announced a partnership with charities coupled with the help of data visualisation practitioners. From :

“Viz For Social Good is a platform for data visualization enthusiasts who aspire to empower mission-driven organizations and increase awareness of social issues through beautiful and informative visualizations. We provide data visualization projects and datasets from nonprofits for data visualization lovers to explore, learn, and make impact.”

Chloe and I had a chat and I said I’d join, but I just didn’t get the time for the first project, but this time when the “Unicef – for every child” project came around I knew I had to find the time to take part.

The good thing with this projects is that not only you get given the data but also a brief into what the organisations are after. In this case the data focused on refugees, children in particular and the output should be one of those below.


Create (you can choose to create one or more visualizations):

  1. A in depth dashboard or (tableau) story on the situation of refugees and migrant children worldwide.

  2. An interactive infographic or gif that’s based on this data – something that’s a bit more geared towards a broader less technically inclined audience.

  3. A country dashboard (so that a UNICEF country office for example could showcase the situation from their perspective).

  4. Any data visualization that you think will attract the attention for this issue.

From early on I wanted to do an infographic, simple, clean that focused on the problem with a call to action. Here’s my contribution, click to go to the webpage:

If you are a data visualisation practitioner or hobbyist please take a moment to take part and help organisations like unicef with your skills. You don’t have to participate every time but if there’s a cause you are particularly passionate about, please do so.

It’s one way of giving back all the skills learnt from the Tableau/Data Visualisation community.

Thank you for stopping by.