The first one…

The first one…

This post is the result of a conversation I had with my colleague David Sealey at work after I read one of his posts on linkedin. The first anything is always daunting, the first kiss, the first child, the first page of an author’s new book, you get the idea. David’s point was to do with blog posts and how we should just get the first one out of the way, so that we can focus on the second one and third and so on; the process gets easier as we go.

With that in mind, I decided to write my first blog post which I’ve been avoiding for some time now, in addition I’ll also be sharing the first visualization I did on Tableau Public.

Tableau Public is a free tool to visualize your data provided by tableau. You can use data in text files or excel spreadsheets as of 9.1 version you can also use web data connectors to read in API data. Currently they have more than 100k authors and 500k visualizations on the site but what does it mean to you? Well I personally use it as a source of inspiration to see what others are up to and how I can get better by following my favourite content publishers. – I’ll be blogging soon about the various authors and content creators I think are worth following. 

I published my first viz on August 2nd and truth be told the day after I published it, I thought I could have done some things better than I did. However I decided to leave it unchanged so that I can come back and see where I started and how my skills have progressed. I looked at how the first half of F1 season had gone so far. In addition, I wanted to experiment with shapes, images and links. In the end I had two charts of the points scored by the teams and the drivers overall, the flags are clickable so that you see the points for a particular GP. The cars are also clickable and “drive” the driver’s helmets at the bottom, which in turn take you to F1Fanatic driver’s profile. Clicking will open the dashboard in a new tab where you can interact with it.

F1 Dashboard

You see, not a lot of analysis and certainly not the best viz you will see all week, however it was good enough to be the first and I learned from it.

If you’ve read this far, it means my first post wasn’t all that bad, while you at it, why don’t you head over to Tableau Public and visualize your first data set.

Second post coming soon…


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