TableauTips: 2 formating tips

Today is the last day when we can submit entries as part of the #tableautipsmonth initiative. I’ve written 3 entries so far, here, here and here.

But today I’ll share a couple tips my wife @nisa_mara has shared with me. She’s just taking her first steps with Tableau and she’s doing a tremendous job already see for yourself by checking out her Tableau public profile.

First tip relates to colours and one I used on my latest MakeoverMonday, here below:

click for interactive version

Women's Rights.png

Each one of those little segments even though they have the same colour they are actually different countries and type of women’s rights, in order to colour them all quickly this what you do:

Click the various items you want to colour while pressing CTRL and them click the colour you wish to apply.


Second tip

This is another simple but handy tip.

You already know that you can arrange your legends in single or multiple rows like this


But sometimes the legend doesn’t align properly, to fix this you can drag the legends around like so:


I hope you find these useful and don’t forget to check all other tips shared during the month of March here.

Thank you for reading