Tableau Tip: 4 measures in a chart

Recently Andy Kriebel posted a great tip on how to How to Create a Combination Chart with Overlapping Bars & a Line which reminded me of something that I’d done for a Spanish blog which used something similar but within the same dimension.

Have a look here, even if you don’t read Spanish just click on a city and look at the chart at the bottom: Japan climate

Here’s the problem the original data had all 4 measures within one dimension only, but I wanted to show them all at the same time including the use of tooltips.

In this example the type dimension had, snow, rain, max temp and min temperatures within a single value field.


We could Not only that but I wanted two of them to be bars and other two measures to be lines which made things harder. The first attempted looked something like the picture below.


But then the light bulb moment happened and these are the steps to create a 4 measure chart from the same dimension:

  1.  Create the bullet chart and hide the dimensions that are not needed. The key point is hiding not excluding as that would change the data in the view.

  2. Duplicate the dimension

  3. Create a double axis chart and add the duplicated dimension to colour

  4. Change the chart type needed and hide the measures that are showing on the first axis.

That’s it your 4 measure chart is complete.

Now the only thing you need to do is to amend the tooltips to show only the measures you want.

I hope you have found this quick tip useful.

Thank you for reading