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Back in February I wrote5 things you should know, for the accidental server admin“, and since then I’ve wanted to compile a list of useful links relating to server. As I prepared to take my Server QA Exam I compiled a list of useful links relating to Tableau Server.

We have often seen lists of good books to read in data visualization. Lists of tips for those getting started with Tableau desktop, but I have yet to see one on Tableau. Hope you find this useful:

Tableau Help – This is where you’ll find all your starting points. Links to Tableau Server and Desktop help, SDK, API’s, JS. If in doubt start here.

Tableau Admin Guide PDF – Long version of Tableau Admin guide, all 600+ pages of it

Tableau Admin Guide Online – Tamer version of the guide above.

Tableau Download Alternate Versions – All Versions of Tableau

Tableau Server Tech Specs – All important tech specs, supported browsers, hardware…

Tableau Release Notes – Information about bug fixes with each new release. Good to keep an eye out as you ready to upgrade

Tableau Server Licensing – Do you know the difference between user and core licenses? Read it here.

Tableau Server Guest Account – Did you know that a core server can use a guest account?

Tableau Server Authentication Options – Tableau authentication methods don’t stop with Active Directory and Local Authentication.

Understanding Tableau Server Processes – If you don’t know your backgrounder from your VizQL you should read this.

Minimum Hardware Requirements – You want to trial Tableau Server, what’s the minimum spec you can use? This will help you.

Tableau PostgreSQL quick access guide – My quick PostgeSQL data dictionary to understand how your users are engaging with Tableau server.

Tableau PostgreSQL workgroups db – Tableau’s long version of the same above

Tableau Server Permissions – Permissions, Permissions, Permissions

How Permissions are evaluated – Now that you know a bit about permissions, how are they evaluated? Do you know the difference between project and user level?

Tabadmin – Want to change the logo on your server or create a backup? Read this.

Tabcmd – How about creating sites quickly without having to login to Tableau Server?

Tableau Server Admin forum – Ask questions from other server admins in the Tableau forums.

Tamas Foldi Process Flow – Understand Process Flow in Tableau

Tableau Server Scalability – Introductory overview to scaling Tableau Server across your enterprise

High Availability – Optimizing Tableau Server for high availability

Tabjolt – Tabjolt

Performance Optimization – Performance

Optimize Extracts – Optimization

If you think there are links missing, please let me know.

Thank you for stopping by.



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