Tableau Server PostgreSQL Dictionary

Quick post on a Sunday eve.

I’m what you can call an accidental Server Admin, through leaps and bounds I have found myself taking care of the Tableau Servers at work. Which means that I don’t have the traditional path of IT and monitoring know-how a server admin usually has. What I have instead is the Tableau Server PostgreSQL; the database that records all occurrences within Tableau Server, load times, what views are being accessed more often or none at all.

As of late I’ve really fallen in love with it, as it provides me a great way to analyse our users activity, thus allowing me to have more informed conversations with my managers.

There are a number of workbooks available online, one of each from Mark Jackson which is a cannon amongst postgres workbooks, but sooner or later as a server admin you’ll need to create your own analysis and query the database using your specific data sources. Tableau is very good and makes the data dictionary available for you here.

I have a ton of sites bookmarked as I’m sure so do you, that’s why I thought a better way of storing the data dictionary would be to publish it to my server admin site on our server. In order to do that I had to get the data from the site and create a quick search app.

Getting the data was pretty easy with ParseHub, after that was just a case of making it available to search as below. To use the app after you’ve searched, all matching tables will appear below. Clicking on 1 one them, you can see the description below and if you need more information just click the icon on the right to go to the respective site. Pretty simple but hopefully useful.

The app is provided as is though I’ll try to update as changes to the PostgreSQL database are implemented.

Feel free to copy the workbook and publish it to your own admin site.

Thank you for reading