Tableau Server – Change Logos in V10

Server Upgrades are often done at the weekend and it’s always a bit nerve-wracking because things can go wrong and then you are left spending the whole weekend trying to fix it.Today however was a good day, I needed to upgrade one of our servers from 9.3.3 to 10.1.3 and things changed a little bit since I last upgraded.

Before, we were required to uninstall the Tableau Server application before installing the new version, that’s gone. Nowadays it’s just a next>next>next>finish type install which is pretty amazing. Love how Tableau has made it so simple.

Another tiny change but which I’ve wanted for sometime is the ability to change the logos on Tableau Server. Before we could change the header logo using TabAdmin customize and then change the html to change the sign-in logo. But now Tableau has 3 areas where the logo can be changed using TabAdmin customize.

  1. header_logo – this is the logo at the top left hand corner, use a size up to 160×160 pixels

  2. sign_in_logo – this is the logo you see when you first open the Tableau Server url, here you can use a picture up to 3000×3000 pixels

  3. smalllogo – this is the logo at the top left hand corner in web edit, for best results use a 32×32 pixels size picture

To change any of the logos you will need to open the command prompt as an admin and CD to the bin location of your Server installation.

The default is “C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.1\bin”.

Then type the following command – tabadmin customize header_logo “D:\location of your picture\pic.png”

Change all the logos you need and run the following command to restart the server and apply your changes. – tabadmin restart 

That’s it, pretty easy.

Thank you for reading


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