Tableau Desktop Qualification

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. At the end of the last year I sat (and passed) the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate exam. Before I sat the exam I looked around for tips on studying and preparing for it, I found a couple things but not much so I thought I’d try and write a few guidelines for anyone wanting to sit the exam.

I would probably split the exam this way

50% easy questions – think things like (how do I change a filter type from single to multiple)

25% tricky questions – think joining data and sorting

25% harder questions – calculated fields with plays on the question which may lead you in error

Don’t get me wrong it’s not an incredibly hard exam, but two things need to happen for exam success.

  1. Study by going over every single video on the Tableau training portal. There are over 20 videos, often <10 minutes each, watch them, then watch them again and pause as you do the examples side by side, then do it again for consolidation.

  2. Spend time creating your own visualisations and using desktop with other sources other than superstore. After watching all the videos, superstore will become your comfort blanket and you will need to train “in the real world”.

The above should be what you need to pass the exam, even if you have been using Tableau for a while take your time going through the videos. Sometimes due to the nature of our job we never use a certain technique and chances are that’s exactly what will appear on the exam.

I’m really grateful to Tableau for putting so much content to study from, there are so many videos there covering almost every beginner question, something we should leverage when preparing for the exam. They are easy to follow and well taught.

That’s it, no secrets just the old, practice and study advice.

Hope you find it useful and if you have any questions leave them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, until next time.