Tableau blogs worth following

I’m not trying to get you away from my page but, on the first post I promised a list of blogs worth following and during this week I put that list together, in hope to share it over on Feedly only to find out that share is a premium feature and I only use the free version.

The blogs below are all different and that’s what makes it great in my opinion, you’ll have blogs that focus on server, other’s on very technical tips and tricks that us mortals can only dream of. But you’ll also find complete beginners just getting started and that for me is key, I as the majority of the blog writers want as many people to become interested in data, data visualisation and of course Tableau. We want as many people to feel that drawing insight of data is not the realm of some elite club and everyone should be able to do it.

If I missed someone you think it’s worth reading just let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Without further ado, I present you: – Interworks are a tableau gold partner and have their own Zen Masters as well as a group of very talented people willing to share their knowledge. From beginners to the most advanced techniques. – Brit is a relatively new blogger bringing great visualisations as well as being part of the Women + Data and part of data dare initiatives. – A blog where you’ll find Brit and Aaron daring each other to push the limits of Tableau each week. – Carl Allchin is a Tableau Social Media Ambassador with a love for basketball and sharing tableau tips. – Ben Jones is the author of  ”Communicating Data with Tableau” and a key figure of Tableau Public. – Jonathan is a Zen Master who often helps people on the Tableau forums – The presenter of Iron Viz you’ll find Jewel “pimping” vizzes on her blog – Mara is new to data visualisation but she loves to blog about her experiences with Tableau. – Peter is a NYC based Zen Master always happy to help. – Paul Banoub must be the most famous Tableau customer and a true champion, often writing about Tableau Enterprise deployments. – Matt was a finalist in the Iron Viz 2015 and he’s always creating amazing content. – Russel is a Tableau lover. Nuff said. – Tableau’s own make me smarter series, featuring guest posts. – This is Alberto Cairo’s blog a lecturer in the subject but can also be found tweeting lots of great advice. – The Information Lab are a Tableau partner with 3 Zen Masters who often write on their blog. – Stephen Few is a name you will hear many times when it comes to data visualisation. – Fiona is another newbie in the Tableau blogosphere, her enthusiasm is infectious – Andy is another famous face in the viz world and the head-coach of data school. – Emily is the other face of the Tableau Wannabe Podcast and with Jen Vaugh, Emily organized the Tableau Fringe Festival – Tableau Certified trainer, Jen is part of the Tableau Fringe Festival and Seattle Tableau User Group – Emma is a consultant with Information Lab and someone who knows a thing or two about fonts. – Anya is a Tableau Zen Master, Iron Viz Champion and Tableau Social Ambassador, what more is there to say. – Chris Gerrard blog is dedicated to the more intricate side of Tableau. – Bowtie and life jacket wearer Paul Chapman is a great speaker and a Tableau champion  – Headed by Andy Kriebel, you’ll be able to read the students experiences and see some of their work.  – Andy Cotgreave goes hand in hand with Tableau, always looking for different ways to visualize data. – Tableau’s gallery and where you’ll find Viz of the Day – Kelly Martin is another Zen Master her visualisations are always beautiful and an inspiration. – Matt Francis is the other face of the Tableau Wannabe Podcast and a Zen Master. Some say he took a 320 slide deck to Tableau’s conference in Vegas.

New in 2016 – Bridget Cogley has taken the tableau community by storm, her writing is as beautiful as her visualisations. – unknown author but a good blog for server related topics. – Ryan Sleeper previous Iron Viz winner sharing 100 tips and tutorials. – Keith Helfrich most of what Keith writes blows my mind but I still like to read it. – Eva Murray joins Fiona down under as a new and up and coming blogger her posts are always fun and interesting. – Matt Clements just started a blog and I look forward to his contributions. – Charlie has been learning Tableau since March 2016 but he has created an amazing blog describing the experience. – Emily is part of the first Data School cohort and organiser of Data + Plus in London. – Another Data Schooler, Ravi is a good speaker and keen on sports analysis.

There you go; the list above should keep you busy for a very long time. You don’t need to read everything, but with so much to choose from I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ll like.

Thanks for stopping by…