#Makeovermonday: Travel Agents

Another week another #makeovermonday, inspired by Chris Love latest blog post on simplicity I thought it would be good to keep it simple as well.

Have you thought about the reason why nowadays there are so many specialized travel agents? For instance if you want to go to Japan, you probably won’t use the same travel agent you would use to go to Machu Pichu, they are becoming quite specialised. But chances are you are probably booking it online and that shows in this week’s chart by the UK Business Insider.


There are few things wrong with this chart but the main flaw is the attempt at using a double axis chart where no correlation exists between the two measures. If both had been revenue that would have worked but unfortunately that’s not the case. It makes it hard for the viewer to compare, the labels don’t help either, one is 160 the other 130, but very hidden is the information that one is billions of dollars and the other is the actual number of travel agents.

As I mentioned earlier I wanted to keep it simple and I didn’t think the time series was going to add much so I focused on the change between the 2000 and 2014.

Here’s my take:

Makeover Monday (2)

I focused on the numbers and then decided to show the big percentage diference between the two years. I think it works well, but let me know what you think in comments. Alternatively you can join the conversation over on twitter #makeovermonday

Finally if you have yet to take part please join us, check the website below, Andy already created a .tde or you can get the data in excel.

Makeover Monday website

Thanks for reading, until next week.


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