#MakeoverMonday: Football’s Wage Gap

This week Makeover Monday took a bit more than usual. As soon as I saw it I thought of Bora’s post some time ago talking about custom shapes.

Custom Shapes & Polygons by Boran Beran

However as the data is aggregated already I would have to use custom SQL or some other method that would allow me to have a row per record. Custom SQL wasn’t working and I would have had to do something called densification, needless to say I wouldn’t master it on Sunday afternoon and I’ll have to go back to it at some point.

I still wanted to do something where 1 shape represented x and then have multiple shapes to represent the average salary so I thought I’d use the same method as the one Brit Cava, Britany Fong and Matt Chambers use in their Hex maps and which I used in a Christmas Card back in December.

Basically the idea is to create a grid where each shape represents a cell in a table and have values assigned to them, which allow you to control, shading or shape type.

Here’s Matt’s walk through:

Hex Tile Maps by Matt Chambers

Onto the vizzes:

The original, where I think mail on Sunday missed a trick. The story here is not the wage gap between players, most people couldn’t care less about that, the real kicker is the wages in relation to average household income. It makes for a pretty tough pill to swallow, even more when the cost of going to the stadium has increased so much recently leaving fans protesting and walking out before the final whistle.

Wage gap

Here’s my take:

Wage Gap (1)

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