#MakeoverMonday: Bandwidth

Makeover Monday, turned into Makeover Sunday night.

Business Insider are such a prolific bunch, they keep coming up with good content for Makeover Monday.

There wasn’t a lot in this one apart from an odd “other”. I’m fine with the use of other when it represents a small part of the whole, but in this case I find it lazy journalism, ¼ of the bandwidth is going to other but the chart doesn’t provide us any indication of what other might be.

Anyway, the best way to demonstrate this would probably be using a bar chart as it would clearly indicate the top hogger of bandwidth and we would be able to sort it as well.

But I had a sweet tooth and did something else, here’s the original:


I did a lollipop and a bunch of donuts, (I said I had sweet tooth)

Makeover Monday (3)


Donuts Dashboard

Out of the two the lollipop chart works best, it is clearer and the donuts get difficult to distinguish between them at the lower values. I hadn’t done donuts in a while so it was good to recall the technique.

Here’s a blog from Andy Kriebel that shows how they can be built in Tableau.

Donut Charts in Tableau

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