Makeover Monday: Women’s Political Representation in the US

This week’s #makeovermonday looked at Women’s under representation in the US, this was something I was already familiar with as I’d looked into it back in March as part of the Women’s History Month, click below for interactive version:


The original contained the map below and a table with the data for each state, I liked how they split the map into 4 groups and I decided to do the same on my version. Here’s the original:

Original womens

This week I couldn’t afford to spend too long working on it as IronViz submissions are due next week. Here’s my take:

Women Political Representation

Lately I’ve been experimenting with different colours and fonts and I quite like the end result. As I went with a shade of green and red I thought it best to test it for colour blindness. It’s a good habit to get into and you can do it quickly on a website like this one. Color Blindness Simulator.

Also to keep the ability to click on a % range and filter the map, you’ll need to create a calculated field in Tableau similar to this one.

IF sum([% of State Legislature]) >= 0.35 then “35-50% Women in the Legislature” ELSEIF sum([% of State Legislature]) >= 0.25 then “25-34% Women in the Legislature” ELSEIF Sum([% of State Legislature]) >= 0.15 then “15-24% Women in the Legislature” ELSE “0-14% Women in the Legislature” END

I have also spoken about mapping with quantiles which uses a similar technique here: Tips

Hope you find it useful, don’t forget to check out the other entries here.

Thank you for reading