Makeover Monday: Urban Diversity

This week’s #makeovermonday was a very simple but interesting data set and one which we could have sliced in a number of ways as you can see on twitter.

Here’s one of the graphics in the piece published by Nate Silver from “Fiver Thirty Eight”


For my entry I decided to do the same thing most of the other entries covered, to look at the split within the country and it quickly becomes noticeable that West cities are better integrated than the rest of the country.

The only different thing I did was to assign each city to its region and use that to split the scatter plots, this has made it easier to interpret, I hope. Scatter plots can be very good at showing correlations but they are not the most friendly of charts. In a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the easiest to understand i.e. pie charts. Scatter plots score a 6 or a 7. In this case though I think they work well.

Here’s my entry , please click for interactive version:

Urban Diversity

A fan of clean designs I tried to use white spaces to keep this visualization clean and easy to understand. We are often afraid of leaving white space and end up making our visualizations too busy, it’s good to experiment and sometimes white space is all you need to balance a good viz.

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Thank you for reading