Makeover Monday: Trafficking Hot Spots

This week’s #makeovermonday looks at trafficking hotspots and at a previous viz of the day as well which was published as part of an article on the CNBC.

Here’s the original version, click to read the article:

Dashboard 1 (1)

Apart from the colours which I’m not a great fan of I wasn’t sure there is a lot wrong with it. They’ve decided to show the different regions against each tier for 2015 which works well.

After a busy week with vizclub and IronViz I thought I’d do something simple and create a mobile friendly viz. That decision may have something to do with my own frustrations at the way some visualisations render in Tableau Public, but it’s a free tool and I’m not complaining.

To learn more about how to design smartphone friendly visualisation, I could write a blog, but then I would be doing Kelly Martin a de-service as her instructions are so good and her dashboards so beautifully crafted.

Building Dashboards for the Smartphone

Here’s my version, click for interactive version:

Trafficking Hot Spots

As you can see I stuck to the original idea apart from adding the ability for the user to choose a year. Clicking anywhere on the Table filters it further.

The difficulty in this version was to decide on colours that could be distinguished well in such a confined space as well as choosing a font that is readable when really small. I found two options worked Segoe UI and Tahoma, I went with Tahoma 8pts in most of it apart from the titles, I found it reads well.

Let me know what you think and what you would have done differently. As always don’t forget to check out the other entries on twitter.

Thank you for reading.