Makeover Monday: Theft in Japan

Another week another #makeovermonday this time one which I’d sent to Andy Kriebel a few weeks ago.

I like pies do you like pies? How about pie on a pie, if double pie is like a double burger it has to be awesome right? Wrong, pie on pie is terrible. Here’s the original, click to read the article.


It is confusing and the colours chosen are ugly, but even despite that the use of very similar colours in the “Theft without breaking and entering” category makes it very hard for the user to get any meaning from the data.

That said and just because I wanted to see if I could. I created the exact same chart in Tableau, I didn’t do the call outs as that would be too much effort for an ineffective visualisation. In any case here’s my Tableau version of a pie on a pie. Click for interactive version.

Pie on Pie 2

This week’s data worked better on a bar and that’s what I went with, just playing a little with the cosmetics. I’ve noticed I can easily spend more time working with fonts and colours than creating the actual dashboard. I need to find a way to not spend so much time on it. Here’s this week’s version:

Theft in Japan.png

Many of those creating this week’s #makeovermonday mentioned how safe we are in Japan but the reality is that this data set does not allow for that insight. Indeed the original article mentions that due to the way data is collected across the countries comparisons are difficult to make. Still this reminded me of a visualisation I did some months ago looking at Numbeo indices, see this post. I went back to that visualisation and looked at the safety index analysis and as predicted Japan came very near the top, in fact for 2016 it ranks as the 3rd safest country in the world.

Below we are comparing Japan’s and UK’s safety index, click for interactive version which will allow you to compare other countries as well.

Yearly Performance

I hope you have found this interesting and at the time of writing this I saw a tweet from Andy Cotgreave who’s currently in Japan(I’m so jealous), saying that 50 people in Tokyo joined the initiative, which is amazing. If you have yet to do a MakeoverMonday don’t be shy and submit your entry as well. Of course as usual don’t forget to check out the other entries on twitter.

Thank you for reading