Makeover Monday: Technology

For me Makeover Monday will always be – “do it Sunday evening because you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of doing it on Monday” kind of thing. As such here’s my interpretation of this week’s Makeover Monday:

The original article was from UK Business Insider and I could start picking it apart on what’s wrong and confusing with that chart but I’ll leave that for people who are much better placed than I am.

technology chart

As I started looking at the data and playing with ideas I realised that sometimes having less data and a very simple story can be harder to visualise than a very complex story with a multitude of data points.

First thing I did was to get icons for each of the products, and I remembered reading a blog by Paul Banoub where he posted a series of links where you can get those icons.

VizNinja talks Icons

If you have never used custom shapes on your visualisations it couldn’t be easier. But a word of caution, keep your images small otherwise the rendering of those images might affect the performance of your dashboards.

Here’s tableau’s knowledge base page that teaches you how to do that: Custom Shapes

Soon after adding the icons and as I started to put my dashboard together I realised that having icons was cluttering my visualisation and I removed them.

I also made a decision of using the image from the website to see how it would look if I only really changed the chart and here’s the version that almost made cut.

Makeover Monday 1

The reason I say almost made the cut is because at last minute I decided to include the missing data from the original chart. The “% point change over 2015” can be a good indicator and I’m not sure how important it was for the editor of UK Business Insider, but as it was on the chart I’m assuming, pretty important.

So here’s my final version:

Makeover Monday Final

What I like about it is the fact that I could do without having an axis at the bottom, I was able to show the whole data published in the original chart and hopefully showing it in a way that it is much clearer and quicker to understand.

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