Makeover Monday: Sugar Tax

Old post literally, it’s now Sunday and everyone’s already busy with tomorrow’s makeover Monday and I’m now only submitting my entry for the week which is about to end.

A mix of having friends visiting, showing them around London and being amazingly busy at work meant that this entry goes in quite late. but hey, better late than never right?

This week’s topic was on Sugar tax which has been proposed by the conservative government and they plan on using the receipts on sport activities in schools. BBC ran a piece on it and this was their visualisation, click for article.


There isn’t much that’s wrong with this, but I’m not a great fan of the colours.

For my version seeing as everyone already had done pretty much everything there was to be done, I decided to play with fact that I’m super late and publish it in “THE OLD POST” a made up newspaper run by the Tableau community.

Here’s my version:

Sugar Tax

As always I use makeover Monday as a learning exercise and I’ve learned that I need sheets to become transparent when I select “none” on the shading option. Pretty please Tableau, it would save us a ton of time in formatting.

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Thank you for reading.