Makeover Monday: Global Temperature Rising

Lately it seems like Makeover Monday comes around quicker and quicker. This week’s topic was Global Warming and how the earth’s temperature is rising every year.

Here’s the original, be sure to click the image so you can see the animation on the original site.


When it comes to the original, I like it. It might not be the most accurate way of displaying the data, but it certainly has the engaging factor. What I’m not so keen on was the choice of colours, they were all too bold which made for a heavy visualisation, but that’s more personal preference than anything else.

I’m happy with my final result but it took me quite a while to get there.

My first idea was to create an area chart, showing the trend over the years, this was looking good but as it had been done already I thought I should do something different.

Line Chart

I tried to create a visualisation incorporating maps as small multiples and played with Tableau’s animations, but it just wasn’t working due to the large timeline (1850-2016)


I even tried to combine both examples above but I didn’t like it, there was something missing.

Dashboard 1

This was an attempt at a unit chart with globe shapes, and the dashboard on the side is there so I can use the pick colour tool available in Tableau, that way you know how various colours work together.

The unit chart was quickly dismissed as well.

Dashboard 2.png

In the end I decided to look at one of my favourite types of visualisations at the moment. Trellis or panel charts.

I was able to bring the monthly trend that was missing from my previous attempts and show quickly how the temperatures are rising in our planet. I also decided that I needed much stronger colours to show the trend and settled on a brown background which helps with contrast.

Global Temperature Change

So there you have it, as you can see these past two decades have seen the highest temperatures yet and the tendency is for it to continue as a result of pollution and gas emotions.

I hope you found it interesting, please leave any comments below and as always don’t forget to see the other entries on twitter.

Thank you for reading