Makeover Monday: Fairground Accidents

Hats off to Mr Cotgreave, letting everyone do a Makeover Monday of something you did 6 years ago is rather brave.

The first thing I noticed with Andy’s original viz was the lack of context, there is no context or insight something I see in all of Andy’s visualizations now. That just goes to show how much has Andy improved over the years. I hope I can improve half as much.

Here’s Andy’s original,

Fairground accident rates

and here’s mine, click to see interactive version:

Fairground Accidents

I thought a table to show the overall numbers, coupled with a filter at the top would be the clearest form of displaying that data. In terms of causes, I think Andy’s approach works well, but as fatal injuries are such a small percentage in relation to the overall numbers it becomes harder to distinguish those. I hardly ever create a tree map but I thought it would work well in this case.

What do you think? What would you have done differently? Don’t forget, everyone can take part in #makeovermonday , just check it out on twitter or Andy Kriebel’s blog.

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