Makeover Monday: Facebook Carbon Footprint

I’m afraid this week I hadn’t had the time to do a proper write up of my process. There’s a project that I’m working on which I hope will see the light of day this week.

That said here’s the original, where we looked at Facebook’s commitment to change their energy consumption to Clean & Renewable energy.


I think the donuts in this case worked well, but what we fail to see is the context of previous years. While you can use the arrows on their website it will require you to memorise each of the numbers. The colours work as well and the whole picture is appealing to eye.

For my take I decided to show the trend across the years with already famous trellis charts.

Facebook Carbon Footprint

It didn’t take too long to get to view above apart from choosing the colours for some reason they weren’t working as I intended and I end using Facebook’s corporate colours. I can spend an awful long time playing with colour palettes.

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Thanks for reading