I Viz, You Viz, WeViz,

Welcome to the first post of a new series in 2017. #WeViz

At the end of 2016 Nisa and I decided that we wanted to push each other’s skills while learning new techniques and looking a themes that interest us. We didn’t want to put too many rules on it, but we knew we had to structure it somehow, otherwise both our busy agendas would take over and we’d never get anything done.

So what’s #WeViz?

It’s a project where Nisa and I pick a dataset or various datasets, hopefully something topical and which will require us to use some data-prep skills and thus Alteryx as well as analysing it using Tableau. We have a wish list of themes we want to convert and techniques we want to learn in 2017.

As we delved into the datasets we saw the International #endFGM day approaching and decided to take part. We didn’t need to use Alteryx and no really clever techniques were used, but we felt that applying our skills towards a cause like Female Genital Mutilation was a good start to our project.

Unfortunately, when it comes to data from developing countries and even more in this case where the data comes from surveys across North and West Africa, the quality and consistency of that data is less than ideal. We researched and it seemed pretty clear that most organisations focused on raising awareness and fighting to end this practice were all relying on data from Unicef and that we did exactly the same.

For this project Nisa and I, instead of collaborating in one single viz, we decided that each would use the same data, but would be free to do their own analysis and display the data in a way that the story was told finishing with a call to action.

Here’s my small contribution to raise awareness and #endFGM, click for interactive view.

Don’t forget to read Nisa’s take on the data here.

Thank you for reading