DATA CHAIN – December Challenge

I’ve joined a group of data visualisation enthusiasts who each month send postcards around the world. Have a read here data-chain.

Well that was hard!!!! When I decided to join data-chain one thing I wanted to do was to improve my drawing, and boy I just realised how long that road is. For December chain data, we were going to look at Christmas music. Allowed to interpret that as we wanted, I decided to borrow some tips from Andy Cotgreave and connect my Spotify account to and start scrobbling .

Data Sample

I then plugged the data into Tableau and started having a look. I noticed that I didn’t listen to Spotify on Christmas day or Boxing day as we watched a lot of movies here at home.

Watching tv

As I wanted to identify Christmas music I thought a good way of doing this would be to use a calculated field using “Contains” for the word Christmas in the album title.

Christmas Image

What I found was that out of the 185 songs I listened to over the period between 23/12/2015 and 30/12/2015 only 3% were Christmas songs and they were all on the 24th.

Numbers Xmas Music

I promise you, this is not a blog written by the Grinch, I do love Christmas but I guess with all the Christmas music played in shops etc… I just preferred listening to other stuff.

This was harder than I thought, as space and clarity become so crucial. The larger portion of the task is really trying to come up with a good way to showcase the data and keeping it clear and easy to understand. Also my wife thinks I draw like a 5 year old. I told you I needed to improve.

Here’s the result.


January challenge is next!!

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