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This was a good week and I thought I’d tell you why I’m so proud of finding such an amazing community of Tableau users.

I’ve seen a few things happening that I thought were worth sharing and those in the Tableau community know that these types of things happen fairly often, but they are definitely not the norm when it comes to software companies.

  1. On Tuesday night I joined a conference call that included Fi Gordon from Australia (7am), Bridget Cogley from Ohio(3pm), Paul Banoub and I here in the UK (8pm). This had been arranged just the night before and it didn’t have any agenda, we just wanted to share some of the experiences around implementation of Tableau, some of the struggles and some of the successes. There were no outcomes but just being able to talk to friends about our work, really gets you pumped up to take on the next challenge.

  2. On the same day Matt Chambers shared a tableau public visualisation from Josh Tapley, though this wasn’t any visualisation, it is an incredibly useful tool to choose a colour palette. Of course Josh could have created this and kept it a secret while the rest of would be left searching Google for decent colour palettes. Not only that but he has also shared the workbook with all the workings. That way you know it’s not magic and if anyone has better ideas they can build on it.

  3. Also this week Chris Love did another one of his Periscopes, these are fairly short talks where Chris addresses a topic for about ½ hour. This week the theme was Goals, and it resonated so much with me that I got in contact with him to ask him a few more questions and advice. Chris was very supportive and this post is partly a result of his advice. “Put yourself out there – share your experiences”. Thanks Chris!

other musings…

Collaboration is in the air in 2016 and the Tableau community is doing some amazing work across the globe. Listen to Emily and Matt’s “Tableau Wanna be Podcast” to learn more about some of these amazing initiatives.

The tableau community is really active on Twitter, but another example of the amazing spirit of this community can be found in the forums. I tried to help in a post asking about filters and parameters, I posted less than 45 minutes after the post had been created. By then 3 other people had posted already, all with correct solutions. To me that is just amazing. You can’t buy this type of support anywhere in the world.

Some of you may have seen that Tableau shares have taken a hit on Friday following an earnings warning for 2016, and you may be forgiven to think that everyone decided to download a copy of Power BI because they are coming through in leaps and bounds. The reality is that amongst the community the sentiment was that Tableau shares will soon be back to normal. Why do we think that? Because we speak to Tableau every day, we know and share their vision to make it easy to everyone see and understand their own data.

Of course I for one want other companies to innovate, I don’t want tableau to become complacent I want them to keep innovating and pushing themselves with every release. A bit like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, I doubt either of them would be as good as they are if they didn’t have to fight of each other’s competition every season. Same applies to tableau; I want Power BI and Qlik to up their game so that Tableau pushes even harder and come up with stuff we don’t even dream of yet.

Finally a word of congratulations to the Tableau team for taking the crown as the leader in the Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms” for the 4th year in a row. Well done, it’s a great acknowledgement of the fantastic work done by everyone at Tableau.

Thank you for reading and check this twitter hash-tag to see why Tableau #tableauinstthenorm



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