Alteryx: Filtering by Max Date

Welcome to my first Alteryx related blog post.

I’ve been meaning to write about Alteryx for sometime and Eva’s post yesterday was the catalyst I was missing.

I’ve used Alteryx a few times, mainly for data prep and it excels at it. Though sometimes I find myself stuck on how to do certain things, with that in mind I’ll be sharing some very quick tips as I learn them. The aim of this series is not to help you with complicated workflows rather to share the very basic stuff you may need to do at work. I’m a newbie myself.


Problem: I have a data set with a number of dates and I want to filter just the latest date and bring related records.

Like Tableau there are a number of ways of achieving this, this one I find simple enough.

Here’s the workflow:

How does it work?

First bring in your data as usual.

The orange tool is a summarize tool and what we do is to tell it to summarise by Max Date

This will “filter” just that last date as below

After this we need to use a join to keep just the records where the date matches the max date in our summarise tool.

Here’s is the set up for the join tool in Purple

You may notice that I’ve un-ticked the Max_Date field. That’s because it will be the same as my date field and I don’t need it. Here’s the end result from the inner join (J).

That’s it, pretty simple, but hopefully useful.

Thank you for reading