Tableau Tip – Two Years, Two Averages

Been a while since I wrote a Tableau Tip, these are always simple, hopefully useful and stem from day to do day questions I get asked. This week someone asked me: -“I have this timeline where I show sales, would it possible to show an average for 2016 and an average for 2017?” -Why do Read more about Tableau Tip – Two Years, Two Averages[…]

I’d like two lines, one dashed please.

Quick tip to finish the week. This week at work I was asked whether we could show two dimensions where one would be showed as a dashed line. I can’t replicate the data here but I’ve created an example below, the idea is to show my fruit and veggies consumption(solid lines) vs the goal or Read more about I’d like two lines, one dashed please.[…]

Tip: “My filter is not available.”

Today I learned something new. While swapping connections across sites one of my filters stopped working. When looking into it on the worksheet I couldn’t figure out why, and when showing the filter Tableau was telling me that the filter wasn’t available. This was because Enable Auto Update for filter as disabled. I switched it Read more about Tip: “My filter is not available.”[…]