Tableau Tip – Two Years, Two Averages

Been a while since I wrote a Tableau Tip, these are always simple, hopefully useful and stem from day to do day questions I get asked. This week someone asked me: -“I have this timeline where I show sales, would it possible to show an average for 2016 and an average for 2017?” -Why do Read more about Tableau Tip – Two Years, Two Averages[…]

Makeover Monday: Fairground Accidents

Hats off to Mr Cotgreave, letting everyone do a Makeover Monday of something you did 6 years ago is rather brave. The first thing I noticed with Andy’s original viz was the lack of context, there is no context or insight something I see in all of Andy’s visualizations now. That just goes to show Read more about Makeover Monday: Fairground Accidents[…]

Tableau Desktop Qualification

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. At the end of the last year I sat (and passed) the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate exam. Before I sat the exam I looked around for tips on studying and preparing for it, I found a couple things but not much so I thought I’d Read more about Tableau Desktop Qualification[…]

#MakeoverMonday: Bandwidth

Makeover Monday, turned into Makeover Sunday night. Business Insider are such a prolific bunch, they keep coming up with good content for Makeover Monday. There wasn’t a lot in this one apart from an odd “other”. I’m fine with the use of other when it represents a small part of the whole, but in this Read more about #MakeoverMonday: Bandwidth[…]

Learning Kanji with Tableau

I love Japan, the Japanese culture, history and language! For the past 4 years I studied Japanese & Spanish at Birkbeck, University of London and graduated last November, something that I’m incredibly proud of. Though since my last classes in July 15 I haven’t really studied much, not uncommon amongst students and probably the result Read more about Learning Kanji with Tableau[…]

#makeovermonday: Video games

Another week another #makeovermonday, this time an horrible infographic from Forbes, confusing as well. See for yourself: There has been some discussion about the data on twitter and Andy Cotgreave has written a blog post about it. Andy talks about this week’s data I spent some time during lunch time, playing with gantt charts and indexing, Read more about #makeovermonday: Video games[…]

Community & so much more…

This was a good week and I thought I’d tell you why I’m so proud of finding such an amazing community of Tableau users. I’ve seen a few things happening that I thought were worth sharing and those in the Tableau community know that these types of things happen fairly often, but they are definitely Read more about Community & so much more…[…]

#Makeovermonday: Travel Agents

Another week another #makeovermonday, inspired by Chris Love latest blog post on simplicity I thought it would be good to keep it simple as well. Have you thought about the reason why nowadays there are so many specialized travel agents? For instance if you want to go to Japan, you probably won’t use the same Read more about #Makeovermonday: Travel Agents[…]

Tip: “My filter is not available.”

Today I learned something new. While swapping connections across sites one of my filters stopped working. When looking into it on the worksheet I couldn’t figure out why, and when showing the filter Tableau was telling me that the filter wasn’t available. This was because Enable Auto Update for filter as disabled. I switched it Read more about Tip: “My filter is not available.”[…]

Makeover Monday: Steph Curry

There are so many initiatives in the Tableau community at the moment that’s hard to decide which ones to take part. This week I took part on #makeovermonday. This initiative is being spearheaded by Andy Kriebel and Andy Cotgreave and the goal is “how we each quickly take a foreign data set and turn it into Read more about Makeover Monday: Steph Curry[…]

Visualizing indices

From Wikipedia – “Numbeo is a crowd-sourced global database of reported consumer prices, perceived crime rates, quality of health care, other statistics.” Last week released 2016’s indices and I have over the years spent more hours on that site than I care to admit. Mainly when daydreaming about other cities where to live, being an Read more about Visualizing indices[…]

TalkingViz: Language matters! Bilingual analysis of early school leaving in EU.

This my second post in a series that looks at my Tableau Public visualizations so far. As you know, I love Tableau and what we the users can achieve in mere minutes, at the same time I like learning new languages. So I was pretty pleased with the announcement that Tableau Communities was going to Read more about TalkingViz: Language matters! Bilingual analysis of early school leaving in EU.[…]

Talking viz: “NYC Guide”

In the next few entries I want to talk about the various visualizations I’ve done in my free time, the choices behind it and how they differ from each other. New York City guide was my first viz to earn a “viz of the day”, August was meant to be a weird and wonderful month for Read more about Talking viz: “NYC Guide”[…]

Data? But I don’t have any data!

Shortly after publishing “the first one” I started to think about the experience of downloading Tableau and what to do next. I thought, watching the videos is cool and experimenting with the Superstore dataset is also good, but it can get old pretty fast as well. That’s why I thought my second post should be Read more about Data? But I don’t have any data![…]

The first one…

The first one… This post is the result of a conversation I had with my colleague David Sealey at work after I read one of his posts on linkedin. The first anything is always daunting, the first kiss, the first child, the first page of an author’s new book, you get the idea. David’s point Read more about The first one…[…]