Alteryx: Input multiple tabs

Back on the series of Alteryx tips you can use at work! This past week I attended my first Alteryx User Group organised by Paul Houghton and Joe Lipski. The evening was great fun and I recommend it to any one who’s learning Alteryx. James Dunkerley did a great talk on the SDK of Alteryx Read more about Alteryx: Input multiple tabs[…]

Alteryx: Regex and dates

To continue the series of Alteryx quick tips that you can use at work we look at dates this week. Let’s imagine that the company you work for has an international presence with business both in the US and Europe. You are sent a file with some text before and after a date, however those Read more about Alteryx: Regex and dates[…]

Alteryx: Find and Replace

Welcome to the second Alteryx related post, this time we’ll look at one of the most common tasks when dealing with data. Find and Replace. You may have records that you want to turn into Nulls or change the text of certain records. The first time I googled “Alteryx Find and Replace” I came across Read more about Alteryx: Find and Replace[…]

Alteryx: Filtering by Max Date

Welcome to my first Alteryx related blog post. I’ve been meaning to write about Alteryx for sometime and Eva’s post yesterday was the catalyst I was missing. I’ve used Alteryx a few times, mainly for data prep and it excels at it. Though sometimes I find myself stuck on how to do certain things, with Read more about Alteryx: Filtering by Max Date[…]