November 1, 2015


Hi, I’m David and thanks for visiting!

Portuguese, in London since 2005 with a love for languages and Japan, I’m a market analyst but outside work I’ve studied Japanese and Spanish at Birkbeck for the last 4 years.

This recently created blog has one objective, to help you take the first steps on data visualization. You see, up until recently most data visualization was in the realm of coders and Excel wizards, but that has changed considerably with the launch of user friendly tools like Tableau and more recently Vizable. Those are tools that allow you to quickly and easily understand your data, whether that’s at work, sports stats of your favourite team or your bank statements.

My personal journey started Jan 15 at work when we decided to replace an ageing reporting system with Tableau, since then I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible about data visualization, either by reading some of the best blogs on the subject out there or by participating in the community – twitter has a very active one, just search #dataviz. But more importantly I’ve been learning by practising, looking for data that interests me and visualizing it. I hope that as I share my work that inspires you and hopefully you too can see beyond millions of rows of data and gain some important insights.

Aside from my own work, I’ll share some of the great content I find online and that inspires me.

Of course you can connect with me on twitter too find me under @davidmpires

Thank you for reading…



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