Stepping out into the wild and staying there.

Apologies for the lack of activity since the summer. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped blogging or contributing towards the Tableau community, in fact you can read and listen to some of it here and here. While you are at it, please visit the rest of the blogs on the InterWorks page, special mention to Deep Read more about Stepping out into the wild and staying there.[…]

Book of Circles – Review

This is a long overdue review of the Book of Circles by Manuel Lima. Before we get into it, a couple of housekeeping points. Firstly, I was given a copy of the book to review and secondly, I’m not nor do I pretend to be a book critic. 2016 was an interesting year, a year Read more about Book of Circles – Review[…]

Tableau Tip – Two Years, Two Averages

Been a while since I wrote a Tableau Tip, these are always simple, hopefully useful and stem from day to do day questions I get asked. This week someone asked me: -“I have this timeline where I show sales, would it possible to show an average for 2016 and an average for 2017?” -Why do Read more about Tableau Tip – Two Years, Two Averages[…]

Iron Viz Europe – Tourism in Portugal is growing

It’s Iron Viz time, now for its first time in Europe. I love taking part in the feeder challenges but most of the time it coincides with me being away on holiday or at a time when I can’t spare the time to take part. Alas this time I managed to get time to research Read more about Iron Viz Europe – Tourism in Portugal is growing[…]

Tableau Server Tool Kit

Back in February I wrote “5 things you should know, for the accidental server admin“, and since then I’ve wanted to compile a list of useful links relating to server. As I prepared to take my Server QA Exam I compiled a list of useful links relating to Tableau Server. We have often seen lists of Read more about Tableau Server Tool Kit[…]

Alteryx: Input multiple tabs

Back on the series of Alteryx tips you can use at work! This past week I attended my first Alteryx User Group organised by Paul Houghton and Joe Lipski. The evening was great fun and I recommend it to any one who’s learning Alteryx. James Dunkerley did a great talk on the SDK of Alteryx Read more about Alteryx: Input multiple tabs[…]

Data literacy before advanced analytics

I like baking, mainly bread baking but often enough I bake cakes, I usually prefer the simple ones that don’t have much icing however. For me the most delicious of cakes start with the basics, butter, eggs, flour, sugar. After you’ve nailed those basics ingredients you can start getting more adventurous by adding carrot, walnuts Read more about Data literacy before advanced analytics[…]

Export from Tableau Server as .csv or .pdf

This week on Twitter Prabakaran asked whether it would be possible to schedule the export of a .CSV or .PDF from Tableau Server. The answer is a resounding YES! Getting it setup is also a lot quicker than you imagine as a big chunk of the leg work was done by Glen Robinson at Interworks and Read more about Export from Tableau Server as .csv or .pdf[…]

5 things you should know, for the accidental server admin

A few years ago when Tableau Server was in its infancy and Tableau itself was on its way to become the de facto analytics tool of many companies, few were those who managed a server deployment. Often these were individuals who had previous experience of managing BI applications in IT environments. Fast forward to 2017 Read more about 5 things you should know, for the accidental server admin[…]

Alteryx: Regex and dates

To continue the series of Alteryx quick tips that you can use at work we look at dates this week. Let’s imagine that the company you work for has an international presence with business both in the US and Europe. You are sent a file with some text before and after a date, however those Read more about Alteryx: Regex and dates[…]

I’d like two lines, one dashed please.

Quick tip to finish the week. This week at work I was asked whether we could show two dimensions where one would be showed as a dashed line. I can’t replicate the data here but I’ve created an example below, the idea is to show my fruit and veggies consumption(solid lines) vs the goal or Read more about I’d like two lines, one dashed please.[…]

I Viz, You Viz, WeViz,

Welcome to the first post of a new series in 2017. #WeViz At the end of 2016 Nisa and I decided that we wanted to push each other’s skills while learning new techniques and looking a themes that interest us. We didn’t want to put too many rules on it, but we knew we had Read more about I Viz, You Viz, WeViz,[…]

Viz for Social Good – Unicef

At the end of last year, Chloe Tseng announced a partnership with charities coupled with the help of data visualisation practitioners. From : “Viz For Social Good is a platform for data visualization enthusiasts who aspire to empower mission-driven organizations and increase awareness of social issues through beautiful and informative visualizations. We provide data Read more about Viz for Social Good – Unicef[…]

Alteryx: Find and Replace

Welcome to the second Alteryx related post, this time we’ll look at one of the most common tasks when dealing with data. Find and Replace. You may have records that you want to turn into Nulls or change the text of certain records. The first time I googled “Alteryx Find and Replace” I came across Read more about Alteryx: Find and Replace[…]

Alteryx: Filtering by Max Date

Welcome to my first Alteryx related blog post. I’ve been meaning to write about Alteryx for sometime and Eva’s post yesterday was the catalyst I was missing. I’ve used Alteryx a few times, mainly for data prep and it excels at it. Though sometimes I find myself stuck on how to do certain things, with Read more about Alteryx: Filtering by Max Date[…]

Tableau Server – Change Logos in V10

Server Upgrades are often done at the weekend and it’s always a bit nerve-wracking because things can go wrong and then you are left spending the whole weekend trying to fix it.Today however was a good day, I needed to upgrade one of our servers from 9.3.3 to 10.1.3 and things changed a little bit Read more about Tableau Server – Change Logos in V10[…]

Implementing Self Service with Tableau part III

In the previous two installments of this series we looked at self service and how we applied that at CACI. See here. It’s now time to look at how we grant access to those users we carefully designed content for. Our deployment requires us to use a Portal which has a document library, newsletter management Read more about Implementing Self Service with Tableau part III[…]

Enjoy your sucess – The solo guide

This post is part of the going solo series, a compilation of posts hoping to motivate and support those who are championing change at their organisations. Recently a friend in the Tableau community, Dave Kirk shared a story about an award he and his team received after implementing Tableau at work. What struck me was Read more about Enjoy your sucess – The solo guide[…]

Implementing Self Service with Tableau part II

In the first post of this series, here, I looked at the definition of Self Service, myths surrounding it and pros and cons of implementing a self service approach at enterprise level. In this post I’ll share what we’ve done at my work place. At CACI we provide a Retail Finance Benchmarking service to the Read more about Implementing Self Service with Tableau part II[…]

Implementing Self Service with Tableau pt I

Web Editing in Tableau is like Angry Birds, but a version where instead of hitting a brick wall with their analysis, the bird opens its wings and flies away freely. However not everyone knows it exists and often if they do server admins will lock it down, due to concerns over the impact on the Read more about Implementing Self Service with Tableau pt I[…]

Tableau Server PostgreSQL Dictionary

Quick post on a Sunday eve. I’m what you can call an accidental Server Admin, through leaps and bounds I have found myself taking care of the Tableau Servers at work. Which means that I don’t have the traditional path of IT and monitoring know-how a server admin usually has. What I have instead is Read more about Tableau Server PostgreSQL Dictionary[…]

Blog Migration – It’s easier than it seems!

Almost a year ago I started blogging about Tableau and data visualisation. One of the first things I wanted to do was embed my Tableau Public work into the blog posts so that readers didn’t have to go away from the blog to interact with the viz. As many out there I’d chosen Why? Because Read more about Blog Migration – It’s easier than it seems![…]

MakeoverMonday: Sort by measure

There was a time earlier this year when I had a 100% record on MakeoverMonday completion. However these days I’m late by 3 entries and I haven’t had the time to catch up. Work has taken most of it away, but all is not lost as I have material for a few new blog posts. Keep Read more about MakeoverMonday: Sort by measure[…]

Championing Change – The Solo Guide

It starts slowly; you have seen something that others are talking about. A software, or perhaps some new methodology which you think will either make your job easier, more interesting or something which has the potential to make/save some money for the company you work at. After a little while, you become so energised by Read more about Championing Change – The Solo Guide[…]

Tableau Tip: 4 measures in a chart

Recently Andy Kriebel posted a great tip on how to How to Create a Combination Chart with Overlapping Bars & a Line which reminded me of something that I’d done for a Spanish blog which used something similar but within the same dimension. Have a look here, even if you don’t read Spanish just click on a Read more about Tableau Tip: 4 measures in a chart[…]

Köppen Geiger Climate Classification: Shape files in Tableau

I day dream….a lot…. Often I think about moving somewhere else in the world, I guess many people do as well, but I can obsess with details such as cost of living, practicalities of moving there. That was how I came across numbeo and I ended up creating a visualisation on their indicies such as crime rates Read more about Köppen Geiger Climate Classification: Shape files in Tableau[…]

Tableau Tip: Filter with lookup

It has been a while since I’ve shared a Tableau Tip and I thought it might be useful to share something I did on Watch Me Viz at the Tableau Conference on Tour in London. I wrote about the conference here. The tip itself is quite simple but one you may try and solve using LOD’s Read more about Tableau Tip: Filter with lookup[…]

Tableau Battle Floating vs Tiled

For some time now I’ve been curious about floating in Tableau. Curious to try and understand it in the same way I understand tiled and layout containers. For a new Tableau user containers may not make a lot of sense, they are also a bit temperamental and give you no room for error… But once you’ve Read more about Tableau Battle Floating vs Tiled[…]

MakeoverMonday: US Children Well-being

This week’s #makeovermonday was really fun and one of those where I learned the most. But first a big thank you to Michael Mixon and Jeffrey Shaffer for their help. We are so lucky to have such an awesome community where we can just ask a question and someone is their willing to give you Read more about MakeoverMonday: US Children Well-being[…]

Makeover Monday: Theft in Japan

Another week another #makeovermonday this time one which I’d sent to Andy Kriebel a few weeks ago. I like pies do you like pies? How about pie on a pie, if double pie is like a double burger it has to be awesome right? Wrong, pie on pie is terrible. Here’s the original, click to Read more about Makeover Monday: Theft in Japan[…]

DATA 16 – Tableau on Tour London

If you follow me on twitter you’d have noticed the barrage of #data16 tweets I sent last week. But you may be forgiven for not knowing what #data16 was all about. #Data16 was the twitter handle for Tableau’s On Tour Conference in London being held in the great venue which is Tobacco Dock between 13th Read more about DATA 16 – Tableau on Tour London[…]

Makeover Monday: Facebook Carbon Footprint

I’m afraid this week I hadn’t had the time to do a proper write up of my process. There’s a project that I’m working on which I hope will see the light of day this week. That said here’s the original, where we looked at Facebook’s commitment to change their energy consumption to Clean & Read more about Makeover Monday: Facebook Carbon Footprint[…]

Makeover Monday: Arms trading

Another #makeovermonday this time we look at arms trading across the globe. Here’s the original, click the image to read the article. The visualisation in itself is appealing and I like the call-out on the circles for each country. But the lack of interactivity makes it harder to explore the data further. Overall I like it, Read more about Makeover Monday: Arms trading[…]

Makeover Monday: Global Temperature Rising

Lately it seems like Makeover Monday comes around quicker and quicker. This week’s topic was Global Warming and how the earth’s temperature is rising every year. Here’s the original, be sure to click the image so you can see the animation on the original site. When it comes to the original, I like it. It Read more about Makeover Monday: Global Temperature Rising[…]

The art of iterating…

Google iteration and this is what you’ll get: “Iteration is the act of repeating a process, either to generate an unbounded sequence of outcomes, or with the aim of approaching a desired goal, target or result. Each repetition of the process is also called an “iteration”, and the results of one iteration are used as the starting point Read more about The art of iterating…[…]

Makeover Monday: OCDE Women Work Hours

Last week I attended the first Data+Women meeting in London, organized by Emily Chen from Information Lab and Sophie Sparkes from Tableau. The idea is to create a platform to discuss some of the issues affecting women’s careers in tech a predominantly male industry. Read more about it here and join us next time As if Read more about Makeover Monday: OCDE Women Work Hours[…]

What’s David been listening to?

This is the first post on a series that I hope to run throughout the summer. There are a few areas where I feel I need to improve, namely, SQL, Alteryx and the calculation side of Tableau. However outside work I need to work on something I enjoy or I just won’t do it. On Read more about What’s David been listening to?[…]

Makeover Monday: US Tuition

Going to university is expensive, here in the UK there were demonstrations when the government tripled the cost of going to university in 2012. I was lucky enough to enrol on my part-time degree in 2011 and thus saw just an inflation related increase across my 4 years of study. Had my fees cost £9k Read more about Makeover Monday: US Tuition[…]

Makeover Monday: Trafficking Hot Spots

This week’s #makeovermonday looks at trafficking hotspots and at a previous viz of the day as well which was published as part of an article on the CNBC. Here’s the original version, click to read the article: Apart from the colours which I’m not a great fan of I wasn’t sure there is a lot Read more about Makeover Monday: Trafficking Hot Spots[…]

Makeover Monday: Women’s Political Representation in the US

This week’s #makeovermonday looked at Women’s under representation in the US, this was something I was already familiar with as I’d looked into it back in March as part of the Women’s History Month, click below for interactive version: The original contained the map below and a table with the data for each state, I Read more about Makeover Monday: Women’s Political Representation in the US[…]

Makeover Monday: Millions to Billions

This week’s #makeovermonday was pretty good to start with. Not sure if the Andy’s are doing this on purpose but it was a lot easier when the original work was terrible. Here’s the original: Click image to open interactive version (via Fleximize). The downfall of being away during makeover Monday is that by the time Read more about Makeover Monday: Millions to Billions[…]

Makeover Monday: Urban Diversity

This week’s #makeovermonday was a very simple but interesting data set and one which we could have sliced in a number of ways as you can see on twitter. Here’s one of the graphics in the piece published by Nate Silver from “Fiver Thirty Eight” For my entry I decided to do the same thing Read more about Makeover Monday: Urban Diversity[…]

Makeover Monday: Sugar Tax

Old post literally, it’s now Sunday and everyone’s already busy with tomorrow’s makeover Monday and I’m now only submitting my entry for the week which is about to end. A mix of having friends visiting, showing them around London and being amazingly busy at work meant that this entry goes in quite late. but hey, Read more about Makeover Monday: Sugar Tax[…]

TableauTips: 2 formating tips

Today is the last day when we can submit entries as part of the #tableautipsmonth initiative. I’ve written 3 entries so far, here, here and here. But today I’ll share a couple tips my wife @nisa_mara has shared with me. She’s just taking her first steps with Tableau and she’s doing a tremendous job already see Read more about TableauTips: 2 formating tips[…]

Makeover Monday: Women’s Rights

This week was a though one, the visualisation chosen by Andy C and Andy K, was really good. Often visualisation experts will tell you that donuts or pie charts should never ever be used but the work created by the Guardian was really good. See it here, click for interactive version. As soon as I Read more about Makeover Monday: Women’s Rights[…]

TableauTips: Highlight don’t filter

#tableautipsmonth number 3, please find the first two here and here. Highlight don’t filter! This is going to be a short lived tip as Tableau has announced highlighting back in Vegas, but while that doesn’t make it to our desks there’s a simple way to highlight without filtering. Here’s the example, click the image for Read more about TableauTips: Highlight don’t filter[…]

Makeover Monday: Corruption Perception Index

For this week’s #makeovermonday Andy Kriebel volunteered one of his old vizzes from 2010. I prefer filled maps to bubbles and that’s what I went with for my makeover. In addition I thought it would be nice to have a chart showing the trend over the years as well as a bar which allows the viewer to Read more about Makeover Monday: Corruption Perception Index[…]