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Blog Migration – It’s easier than it seems!

Almost a year ago I started blogging about Tableau and data visualisation. One of the first things I wanted to do was embed my Tableau Public work into the blog posts so that readers didn’t have to go away from… Continue Reading →

MakeoverMonday: Sort by measure

There was a time earlier this year when I had a 100% record on MakeoverMonday completion. However these days I’m late by 3 entries and I haven’t had the time to catch up. Work has taken most of it away, but… Continue Reading →

Championing Change – The Solo Guide

It starts slowly; you have seen something that others are talking about. A software, or perhaps some new methodology which you think will either make your job easier, more interesting or something which has the potential to make/save some money… Continue Reading →

Tableau Tip: 4 measures in a chart

Recently Andy Kriebel posted a great tip on how to How to Create a Combination Chart with Overlapping Bars & a Line which reminded me of something that I’d done for a Spanish blog which used something similar but within the same… Continue Reading →

Köppen Geiger Climate Classification: Shape files in Tableau

I day dream….a lot…. Often I think about moving somewhere else in the world, I guess many people do as well, but I can obsess with details such as cost of living, practicalities of moving there. That was how I came… Continue Reading →

Tableau Tip: Filter with lookup

It has been a while since I’ve shared a Tableau Tip and I thought it might be useful to share something I did on Watch Me Viz at the Tableau Conference on Tour in London. I wrote about the conference here…. Continue Reading →

Tableau Battle Floating vs Tiled

For some time now I’ve been curious about floating in Tableau. Curious to try and understand it in the same way I understand tiled and layout containers. For a new Tableau user containers may not make a lot of sense,… Continue Reading →

MakeoverMonday: US Children Well-being

This week’s #makeovermonday was really fun and one of those where I learned the most. But first a big thank you to Michael Mixon and Jeffrey Shaffer for their help. We are so lucky to have such an awesome community… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Theft in Japan

Another week another #makeovermonday this time one which I’d sent to Andy Kriebel a few weeks ago. I like pies do you like pies? How about pie on a pie, if double pie is like a double burger it has… Continue Reading →

DATA 16 – Tableau on Tour London

If you follow me on twitter you’d have noticed the barrage of #data16 tweets I sent last week. But you may be forgiven for not knowing what #data16 was all about. #Data16 was the twitter handle for Tableau’s On Tour… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Facebook Carbon Footprint

I’m afraid this week I hadn’t had the time to do a proper write up of my process. There’s a project that I’m working on which I hope will see the light of day this week. That said here’s the… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Arms trading

Another #makeovermonday this time we look at arms trading across the globe. Here’s the original, click the image to read the article. The visualisation in itself is appealing and I like the call-out on the circles for each country. But the… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Global Temperature Rising

Lately it seems like Makeover Monday comes around quicker and quicker. This week’s topic was Global Warming and how the earth’s temperature is rising every year. Here’s the original, be sure to click the image so you can see the… Continue Reading →

The art of iterating…

Google iteration and this is what you’ll get: “Iteration is the act of repeating a process, either to generate an unbounded sequence of outcomes, or with the aim of approaching a desired goal, target or result. Each repetition of the process… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: OCDE Women Work Hours

Last week I attended the first Data+Women meeting in London, organized by Emily Chen from Information Lab and Sophie Sparkes from Tableau. The idea is to create a platform to discuss some of the issues affecting women’s careers in tech a… Continue Reading →

What’s David been listening to?

This is the first post on a series that I hope to run throughout the summer. There are a few areas where I feel I need to improve, namely, SQL, Alteryx and the calculation side of Tableau. However outside work… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: US Tuition

Going to university is expensive, here in the UK there were demonstrations when the government tripled the cost of going to university in 2012. I was lucky enough to enrol on my part-time degree in 2011 and thus saw just… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Trafficking Hot Spots

This week’s #makeovermonday looks at trafficking hotspots and at a previous viz of the day as well which was published as part of an article on the CNBC. Here’s the original version, click to read the article: Apart from the… Continue Reading →

Finding a compromise

I’m fully expecting a backlash from this post, tables in general are seen as the work of the devil in the data visualisation world. Pies used to as well, but the bad rep is slowly fading. Much to do with… Continue Reading →

Iron Viz: Food Waste

It’s done!!! Until recently I wasn’t sure I’d be able to submit my first Iron Viz entry, I went away at the start of the month and have been busy, which meant not as much time as I’d like to… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Women’s Political Representation in the US

This week’s #makeovermonday looked at Women’s under representation in the US, this was something I was already familiar with as I’d looked into it back in March as part of the Women’s History Month, click below for interactive version: The… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Millions to Billions

This week’s #makeovermonday was pretty good to start with. Not sure if the Andy’s are doing this on purpose but it was a lot easier when the original work was terrible. Here’s the original: Click image to open interactive version… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Urban Diversity

This week’s #makeovermonday was a very simple but interesting data set and one which we could have sliced in a number of ways as you can see on twitter. Here’s one of the graphics in the piece published by Nate… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Sugar Tax

Old post literally, it’s now Sunday and everyone’s already busy with tomorrow’s makeover Monday and I’m now only submitting my entry for the week which is about to end. A mix of having friends visiting, showing them around London and… Continue Reading →

TableauTips: 2 formating tips

Today is the last day when we can submit entries as part of the #tableautipsmonth initiative. I’ve written 3 entries so far, here, here and here. But today I’ll share a couple tips my wife @nisa_mara has shared with me. She’s… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Women’s Rights

This week was a though one, the visualisation chosen by Andy C and Andy K, was really good. Often visualisation experts will tell you that donuts or pie charts should never ever be used but the work created by the… Continue Reading →

TableauTips: Highlight don’t filter

#tableautipsmonth number 3, please find the first two here and here. Highlight don’t filter! This is going to be a short lived tip as Tableau has announced highlighting back in Vegas, but while that doesn’t make it to our desks… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Corruption Perception Index

For this week’s #makeovermonday Andy Kriebel volunteered one of his old vizzes from 2010. I prefer filled maps to bubbles and that’s what I went with for my makeover. In addition I thought it would be nice to have a chart showing… Continue Reading →

TableauTips: Multilingual Dashboards

March 2016 is #tableautipsmonth I’ve started it by sharing tip#1 and this is going to be the second one so far. Creating Multilingual Dashboards Tableau’s mission is to help everyone see and understand their data. Keeping that premise in mind… Continue Reading →

TableauTips: Mapping using Quantiles

Tableau Public has made March 2016 #TableauTipsMonth and I hope to contribute with a few tips I’ve learned and use often. Here’s the 1st one: Mapping using Quantiles We can colour maps easily in Tableau, but I’m not quite sure… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Fairground Accidents

Hats off to Mr Cotgreave, letting everyone do a Makeover Monday of something you did 6 years ago is rather brave. The first thing I noticed with Andy’s original viz was the lack of context, there is no context or… Continue Reading →

Tableau Desktop Qualification

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. At the end of the last year I sat (and passed) the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate exam. Before I sat the exam I looked around for tips on studying and… Continue Reading →

#MakeoverMonday: Football’s Wage Gap

This week Makeover Monday took a bit more than usual. As soon as I saw it I thought of Bora’s post some time ago talking about custom shapes. Custom Shapes & Polygons by Boran Beran However as the data is… Continue Reading →

#MakeoverMonday: Bandwidth

Makeover Monday, turned into Makeover Sunday night. Business Insider are such a prolific bunch, they keep coming up with good content for Makeover Monday. There wasn’t a lot in this one apart from an odd “other”. I’m fine with the… Continue Reading →

Learning Kanji with Tableau

I love Japan, the Japanese culture, history and language! For the past 4 years I studied Japanese & Spanish at Birkbeck, University of London and graduated last November, something that I’m incredibly proud of. Though since my last classes in… Continue Reading →

#makeovermonday: Video games

Another week another #makeovermonday, this time an horrible infographic from Forbes, confusing as well. See for yourself: There has been some discussion about the data on twitter and Andy Cotgreave has written a blog post about it. Andy talks about this… Continue Reading →

#Makeovermonday: Police Violence

This week’s subject was a tough one, no matter how you look at it each data point a victim, a family destroyed and often repercussions in the community. I refuse to believe that the kids joining the police academy want… Continue Reading →

Community & so much more…

This was a good week and I thought I’d tell you why I’m so proud of finding such an amazing community of Tableau users. I’ve seen a few things happening that I thought were worth sharing and those in the… Continue Reading →

#Makeovermonday: Travel Agents

Another week another #makeovermonday, inspired by Chris Love latest blog post on simplicity I thought it would be good to keep it simple as well. Have you thought about the reason why nowadays there are so many specialized travel agents?… Continue Reading →

Tip: “My filter is not available.”

Today I learned something new. While swapping connections across sites one of my filters stopped working. When looking into it on the worksheet I couldn’t figure out why, and when showing the filter Tableau was telling me that the filter… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Technology

For me Makeover Monday will always be – “do it Sunday evening because you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of doing it on Monday” kind of thing. As such here’s my interpretation of this week’s Makeover Monday: The original… Continue Reading →

Makeover Monday: Steph Curry

There are so many initiatives in the Tableau community at the moment that’s hard to decide which ones to take part. This week I took part on #makeovermonday. This initiative is being spearheaded by Andy Kriebel and Andy Cotgreave and… Continue Reading →

Visualizing numbeo.com indices

From Wikipedia – “Numbeo is a crowd-sourced global database of reported consumer prices, perceived crime rates, quality of health care, other statistics.” Last week numbeo.com released 2016’s indices and I have over the years spent more hours on that site than… Continue Reading →

DATA CHAIN – December Challenge

I’ve joined a group of data visualisation enthusiasts who each month send postcards around the world. Have a read here data-chain. Well that was hard!!!! When I decided to join data-chain one thing I wanted to do was to improve my… Continue Reading →

2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it… Continue Reading →

TalkingViz: Language matters! Bilingual analysis of early school leaving in EU.

This my second post in a series that looks at my Tableau Public visualizations so far. As you know, I love Tableau and what we the users can achieve in mere minutes, at the same time I like learning new… Continue Reading →

Talking viz: “NYC Guide”

In the next few entries I want to talk about the various visualizations I’ve done in my free time, the choices behind it and how they differ from each other. New York City guide was my first viz to earn… Continue Reading →

Tableau blogs worth following

I’m not trying to get you away from my page but, on the first post I promised a list of blogs worth following and during this week I put that list together, in hope to share it over on Feedly… Continue Reading →

Data? But I don’t have any data!

Shortly after publishing “the first one” I started to think about the experience of downloading Tableau and what to do next. I thought, watching the videos is cool and experimenting with the Superstore dataset is also good, but it can… Continue Reading →

The first one…

The first one… This post is the result of a conversation I had with my colleague David Sealey at work after I read one of his posts on linkedin. The first anything is always daunting, the first kiss, the first… Continue Reading →

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